Disability management can be complex;
simplify it with TeksMed

TeksMed Services is the leader in Canadian disability management

Empowering companies with personalized stay-at-work programs, TeksMed proactively manages employees’ occupational and non-occupational injuries and illnesses, benefiting both employees as well as employers.

Employees enjoy front of the line rapid healthcare including FREE diagnostic imaging, specialist appointments and surgeries.
Every dollar that is paid by the Board for employee benefits, impacts a company’s WC experience rating for 3-5 years following injury or illness. On average, companies are charged back three times the cost of benefits through increased premiums and surcharges. By helping employees recover and return to work more quickly, TeksMed reduces lost time and the cost of lost wages, resulting in significant savings.
Healthier, more productive employees and reduced administrative workloads. Time (really) is money.


  • We've successfully reduced our WorkSafeBC costs by 18.25% from last year! This represents approximately $100,000 in direct savings for the province of BC. A big thank you to the TeksMed team for their efforts and the day-to-day guidance that has helped On Side achieve such great strides.

    On Side Restoration
    On Side Restoration Director of Human Resources
  • With guidance from Teksmed on managing our claims, we were able to develop a comprehensive modified duty program that allowed our workers to remain at work doing light duty while they healed. This reduced the number of lost time injury days and allowed our workers to remain at work earning full pay without interruption. Our company went from 26 lost time accidents in a year to zero. Can you believe, zero lost time accidents in a year? Thank Teksmed, for your help and support.

    Crown Packaging
    Crown Packaging Occupational Health & Safety Supervisor
  • Van Kam Freightways enjoys speedy healthcare and large savings. One of our key employees had an injured knee. TeksMed arranged an MRI and specialist appointment within eight days. Normally, the employee would be out 3 to 6 months! The fact that QuikCare pays for private medical services, even surgeries, is amazing. As well, TeksMed decreased our claims cost by 78% in year one, directly resulting in a 23% decrease in WCB premiums.

    Van Kam Freightways Ltd.
    Van Kam Freightways Ltd. Health & Safety Officer
  • In less than two years, TeksMed has reduced our claim costs by 67.5%. TeksMed's team of professionals has achieved its objective of reducing our claim costs and our administration. Working with TeksMed has freed up my time which has allowed me to focus on other priority areas. I would highly recommend TeksMed to anyone considering professional claims management services.

    Wendy's Safety & Security Manager


TeksMed Services Inc. is the leader in Canadian disability management backed by over 25 years of success. TeksMed proactively manages occupational and non-occupational injuries and illnesses with personalized recover-at-work solutions helping hundreds of employers with thousands of employees. Workers enjoy QuikCare expedited healthcare including free diagnostic imaging and specialist appointments. Helping employees recover and return to work faster, TeksMed reduces lost time and claim costs, resulting in significant savings for employers. Inspired by a never-ending quest to be the best, TeksMed continues to set the standard and raise the bar for integrity, innovation and exceptional service. TeksMed seeing the ability in disability.

TeksMed's medically supervised and proactive disability management saves money by allowing injured employees to safely recover using stay-at-work programs.
Thousands of businesses across Canada trust us with their disability management. Call us and start saving money. Our program literally pays for itself!


All TeksMed programs are equipped with the exclusive QuikCare expedited health care service.



Public System 11.1 Weeks
QuikCare 1 week


Public System 10.2 weeks
QuikCare 0.5 weeks
2 Step 2
3 Step 3
Simplify your disability management with Teksmed
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