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Proactive and accessible mental health care to keep your employees healthy, happy, and present.


of Canadians leave work due to
anxiety, stress, and depression.

$50 Billion

is the cost of mental health on the
Canadian economy annually.

500,000 Canadians

are off sick every week due to
mental stress or illness.

Your Path to Mental Wellness

The QuikCare Mental Wellness program has been designed to improve functional wellbeing, allowing for fewer absences and a greater quality of life. By implementing rapid access to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), we ensure that employees get effective psychological treatment that will improve as well as sustain their overall mental health.

The therapist-guided CBT program is delivered virtually in the form of digital therapy sessions in the comfort and privacy of the employees’ own home for up to 12 weeks. 

Entirely Digital

No paper forms of fax machines needed — complete, sign, and submit all forms online, from your mobile device or desktop. Reduce your organization’s carbon footprint and enjoy the convenience of virtual, on-demand forms.

Dynamic Modified Duties

Your organization’s custom modified duties offer will dynamically adapt according to the area of injury indicated. This means your managers/supervisors won’t have to spend time considering the appropriateness of any given duty for the injury at hand; our experienced and educated return-to-work coordinators will review your business’s modified duties and organize them according to their suitability for a variety of injury types.

Seamless Transition

At each step in the process, users are directed to the next appropriate action, through email notifications and automated messages. Seamlessly transition from one form to the next, starting with reporting the claim to TeksMed and eventually leading to the provision of necessary medical forms. If at any point in the process you are unsure of what to do next, everything is outlined on your TeksMed dashboard.

Be Notified

At every step of the process, relevant parties are sent email notifications, to ensure that proper procedures and timelines are adhered to. In addition to keeping the employer and TeksMed informed, these notifications also include additional guidance to provide clarity on what next steps ought to be.

Remote Offers

Whether the worker is in-person, working off-site or on the road, or has left to seek medical attention, your managers retain the ability to make an offer of modified duties. With the employer’s portion of the form completed, you can send the offer to the worker via email, and they can submit their acceptance or rejection right away.

What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a short-term therapy with long term benefits that is structured and focused on providing employees with skills to help manage their emotions, thoughts and behaviours. CBT can help employees to change how they think (“cognitive”) and what they do (“behaviour”). These changes can help them feel better.

CBT uses a skills-oriented approach to problem solving that will help employees find ways to improve their state of mind now, and help them to develop techniques so they can avoid problems in the future.

New! Live Video Therapy

In addition to digital CBT, you can allow provide your employees with access to Live Video Therapy. Patients participate in up to six real-time sessions with a mental health professional via video call.

With the flexibility to join sessions on a phone, tablet, or computer, this solution is perfect for those who are still wanting the convenience and privacy of at-home mental health care, but also need more hands-on support.

What mental health concerns can QuikCare Mental Wellness help with?

Alcohol/substance use
Chronic pain
Eating/body image issues
Health anxiety
Mood-related concerns
Obsessive compulsive concerns
Panic attacks

Pre-/post-natal concerns
Self esteem
Sleep problems
Social anxiety

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