Mental Health Workshops

Mental Health Workshops

Available Workshops

The below list of seminars outlines a number of interactive training sessions available to you and your employees, presented by MSABC’s Mental Health & Wellness Director Dr. Steve Conway. Workshops range from one to four hours long, and are available virtually or in person. If you are interested in arranging for a mental health expert to provide training to your staff or leaders, or if you would like to inquire regarding other mental health training opportunities not listed below, please contact

Mental Health Management for Leaders

Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

Stress Management: Stress Less, Live More

Resiliency: Rise Above

Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing

Overcoming Psychological Injury in the Workplace for Leaders

Overcoming Psychological Injury in the Workplace for Employees

Leading with Emotional Intelligence: The Link Between EQ and Psychological Safety at Work

Connect & respect: Professionalism in the Workplace