A 2017 Resolution for Schedule 1 Employers: A safer workplace. A healthier workforce. And lower costs for employers

All in all, 2016 was not exactly the best of years. You are no doubt aware of many of the great talents that the world lost this year including David Bowie, Mohammed Ali, Gene Wilder and most recently, Canadian icon Alan Thicke. You may be less aware however about the staggering number of workplace related injuries and deaths that occurred across the country.

According to recent statistics from the Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada (AWCBC), there are nearly a quarter of a million injuries over the course of one year[i] and more than 2.5 work related deaths every single day.[ii]

Surely, it must be one of the most tragic events for a family to have to go through – to have a loved one leave for work one morning only to return seriously injured– or worse, not to return at all.

It is worth noting that workplace injuries can in fact, be a nightmare for the employer as well. While there are certainly some unethical employers out there, most of them value and respect their employees. They care about the health and safety of those on their payroll. When injuries in the workplace occur, they are often times blatant accidents.

But accidents can be costly. Not only might an employer lose a valued employee for an unspecified amount of time, accidents can also have a major impact on their WSIB premiums.

So will 2017 be any better than 2016? We may not be able to control how many celebrity legends we lose, but there is plenty that we can do about workplace related injuries!

A special holiday offer from Teksmed

‘Tis the season for giving and showing appreciation and so, we at Teksmed would like to help Schedule 1 employers prepare for a better 2017. During the month of December, we are offering free, no-obligation WSIB reviews to help companies develop injury prevention and back-to-work strategies for the New Year.

Your review can be done in person or if you prefer, it can be completely web-based.

What you will receive

When we say comprehensive, we mean comprehensive! This review will include:

  • A summary report which includes analysis of costs, trends and overall performance
  • A preliminary forecast of WSIB rebate or surcharge
  • A summary of opportunities that Teksmed experts have identified for you
  • An action plan for 2017

When an employer has a report as comprehensive as the one that we provide, it becomes much easier for them to plan their workers’ compensation management strategy. Areas that require improvement stand out and their health and safety professionals frequently rely on these reports in order to develop more effective prevention programs and return to work strategies.

The result? A safer workplace. A healthier workforce. And lower costs for the employer. In short, everybody wins.

Employers across Canada have been relying on Teksmed to assist them with workers’ compensation issues for over 20 years. Now is your opportunity to find out what our 600+ company clients already know.

If you are a Schedule 1 employer and would like to take this opportunity to receive a free comprehensive review of your WSIB accounts, then contact Teksmed and book your consultation before December 23, 2016.

[i] http://awcbc.org/?page_id=14

[ii] https://www.ccohs.ca/events/mourning/

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