Five Safety Tips for Working Outdoors in the Winter

Canadian winters can be rough, even when you aren’t working outside. Some jobs are outdoors and don’t stop just because the cold weather comes. Staying safe when temperatures drop is crucial for your employees so that they can continue to do their job, and your company can continue to run its business. Here are some safety tips for keeping your employees safe when working outdoors this winter.

Ensure employees are dressed for winter

One of the most critical factors in staying safe when working outside is having suitable clothing to protect you from harsh temperatures. But buying the right cold-weather gear can add up, and it may be difficult for some to purchase these items for themselves.

Consider giving your employees a budget for purchasing the right outdoor clothes to get the job done, or provide them with company-owned outer layers that will protect them from the cold.

Give sufficient breaks from the cold

Whether your employees are outside of a main building or have to drive to the jobsite in a company vehicle, make sure they have a warm space where they can get out of the cold for a sufficient amount of time so that they can warm up.

Being out in the cold for too long can be detrimental for regulating our body temperatures, so it’s very important that you allow warm-up breaks for your employees.

Make sure all company vehicles have a cold-weather safety kit

A cold-weather kit should include emergency blankets, candles and matches. If your employees get trapped out in the weather, burning a candle can help ward off hypothermia long enough for help to get to them.

Allow them enough rest

Like working in the heat, working in extreme cold can take its toll on your employees. If your business gets busy in the winter, it can be tempting to offer employees all the shifts and overtime they want to take, but it’s essential to ensure they have sufficient rest breaks between their shifts.

Employees being well rested will make them more alert on the jobsite, which can help them avoid any workplace injuries or accidents.

Give them proper reflective gear

Winter storms can make visibility low when driving, and if your employees are working on the road, they could be at a higher risk for being hit by a driver. Make sure your employees have the proper reflecting gear that they need so that they can be seen by drivers on the road.

Working outside during the Canadian winter can really be a challenge – it’s cold, damp and gets dark early in the day. However, it doesn’t have to be dangerous, and you can help to keep your employees safe this winter. By following just a few easy safety tips, your employees will be ready to work in almost any weather. Give these tips to a try, and make sure your employees are well cared for on the job.

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