Happy Employees = Happy Employers | Our Top Tips for Happier Employees

It should come as no surprise that happy employees are more motivated and more productive than unhappy employees. For a business, happy employees ultimately contribute to greater efficiency and higher profitability.

But how do you get employees who are – well – happy? As it turns out, there is a lot an employer can do to help promote a happier workplace. The following are our top tips for creating happier employees.

1. Recognize a job well done.

When an employee has done a particularly good job or has gone the extra mile on a project, take the time to recognize them and thank them for it. Don’t assume the employee already knows that you appreciate their efforts. You’ll be surprised how far a simple “pat on the back” can go to creating job satisfaction.

2. Allow employees to make decisions at work.

While there are some jobs that are highly regulated and prescribed, most have at least some opportunity in which employees can make their own decisions related to projects and processes. When employees have the flexibility at work to make some of their own decisions, it gives them a greater sense of control over their job and this can create more happiness. The employee starts to feel more like an entrepreneur in the business, which is good for them and the company.

3. Provide opportunities for professional development.

If you don’t have a line in your budget for employee professional development, it might be time to create one! One reason why an employee might become unhappy is if they feel stuck in their current position or if they feel there is no room for professional growth. Allowing your employees to take classes, participate in workshops, etc. lets them know that you value their professional development and that there is still room for advancement within the company.

4. Encourage work-life balance.

There are many things that an employer can do to encourage work-life balance among their employees. It could be something as simple as encouraging their employees to take their full breaks or not to stay late on a Friday afternoon – or even giving employees a few paid days off each year so they can volunteer for their favourite charity.

If it is possible for your company, you may even wish to consider allowing your employees a certain amount of telecommuting or flex time. Remember, the happiest employees don’t just have fulfilling work lives – they also have fulfilling home lives.

5. Allow for feedback.

Encourage your employees to give you their feedback and opinions about the business and its operations. The more approachable you are for your employees, the more comfortable – and happy – they will be at work. This doesn’t mean that you have to accept every suggestion they give you – but just showing you are open to feedback can help create a happier work environment. And who knows? Someone might just come to you with an idea that helps turn your business into the next Google or Amazon!

Creating a happier workplace doesn’t have to entail major changes. There are simple things that you can do today to help create happy employees.

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