How to Keep Employees Motivated During the Winter

Canadian winters can feel like they go on forever: it gets dark early, it’s cold outside, and it can be challenging to get out and do anything. Being stuck inside without enough sunshine can make employees feel unmotivated and cause them to struggle with productivity. But most companies cannot simply shut down for a quarter of the year until the seasons change, so how do you keep your employees feeling motivated during the winter? Here are a few ideas to help.

Holiday flexibility

While December may be a busy month for many businesses, it’s also the time of year a lot of your staff are going to want to take time off. Between family events and trips, the holidays are when many people take days off work to spend time with their loved ones. By being as flexible as possible with your staff during the holidays, you can avoid adding extra stress to an already busy time. And when employees feel less stressed, their productivity is likely to improve as well.

Start the New Year off right

If you can let your employees step away in December and take some time off, they are likely to come back to work in January refreshed, energized and much more motivated to work. The start of the new year is an excellent time to set individual, department and company goals. Your employees will have tasks/items to work towards, which can help with keeping them motivated during the cold winter months.

Promote health and wellness

It’s not a secret that it’s harder to stay active during the winter, and with all the extra tasty treats during the holidays, it can be challenging for your employees to maintain healthy eating habits.

As an employer, you can help by promoting health and wellness. Some ideas may include bringing in healthy meals, promoting mental health days, or offering remote work options to help ensure your employees don’t bring colds and the flu into the workplace.

Make the workplace comfortable

Try to ensure the environment your employees are working in is comfortable. Is it warm enough? Is there enough sunlight coming through the windows? Are chairs, desks, and equipment ergonomically friendly? There may be some aspects of the work environment that you can’t change – but for the things you can control, make sure you are doing your best to provide a comfortable and pleasant work area.

Remember that your employees spend a large portion of their time at work. By doing your best to help protect their physical and mental health – particularly during the winter months – you can help boost both morale and productivity.

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