Introducing Thrive: The Mental Health App

A healthy workplace isn’t only about physical health, it’s about mental health as well. When employers treat mental health on an equivalent level with physical health and support the overall well-being of their employees, it not only creates a more positive workplace but it can even help to bolster company profits.

While there are many ways that employers can help to create a mentally healthy workplace, some common strategies include promoting work-life balance, fostering an environment of respect, defining a clear conflict resolution process, and providing employees with resources to help them monitor and manage their own mental health.


Introducing Thrive

At TeksMed, one of our goals is to help employers create workplaces that promote both physical and mental health. In addition to the recover-at-work assistance that we offer through our existing programs, we are now pleased to announce the launch of our new exclusive mental health app called Thrive, the therapeutic software for mental wellbeing.

Thrive app screenshots


What is Thrive?

Thrive is an app that your employees can use to help them prevent or mitigate mental health issues, to screen themselves for mild mood disorders, and to manage their mental health. The self-management tools in Thrive have been proven to help people recover in half the amount of time they normally would!

Let’s take a look at the three main functions of the Thrive app to demonstrate how it can help your employees and your company:


Preventing any illness is easier and less costly than treating it and mental illness is no different. The Thrive app helps your employees reduce their stress and maintain a positive mental state by using proven exercises and fun games. The app also creates personalized goals that help to reduce risk factors for stress, anxiety and depression.


Using clinically validated questionnaires, the Thrive app allows your employees to self-screen for mild mood disorders. It will also prompt them to seek professional medical help when needed.


Finally, the Thrive app provides your employees with information and activities that can help them to manage their condition. This is available anytime your employees need help, conveniently at their fingertips.


Why an “app”?

According to a recent report by Unum, issues with mental health can severely impact job performance by interfering with an employee’s focus, productivity, attendance, and interactions with co-workers. But the report shows that many workers suffering with mental health issues will not divulge their conditions at work because they are embarrassed or because they fear discrimination.

While employees can and should encourage open dialogue in the workplace about mental health, they also need to realize that some employees may never open up to another person at work. Providing your workers with an app that they can use anonymously at any time they need it, can be an effective way to help employees that might otherwise fall through the cracks as well as those who are more open about their mental health issues.


Access Thrive Now!

Download the Thrive app in the Apple app store or in the Google Play app store, and contact TeksMed for your access code.

If you would like to learn more strategies about how you can create a mentally healthy workplace – or if you would like a demonstration of the Thrive app, contact TeksMed today!

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