Outsourcing Disability Management

Have you ever wondered if outsourcing your business’s disability management is right for your company? Perhaps you have been doing this in-house for a while now, but it is becoming increasingly costly and time consuming to track and administer employee injuries and illnesses while still staying up to date and compliant with ever changing regulations and best practices. Tracking and managing employee disability can pose a substantial administrative burden on a company.

Today, it is more and more common for employers of all sizes to outsource their disability management. With the right service provider, companies who outsource this function are finding that it improves their overall productivity and helps their bottom line.

What to look for when you outsource disability management

If you have decided to look to external resources to manage disability within your company, here are some of the factors that you need to consider.


Since you may be considering a third-party disability management provider in order to have access to the expertise that your own staff may be lacking, it pays to look for experience in the industry. An organization with some years behind it is more likely to have a tried-and-true approach to return-to-work, and expert, experienced employees. There is no substitute for professionals who are specifically trained and focused solely on disability management.


There have been many advancements in the disability management industry in recent years. Gone are the days of fax machines and filing cabinets – you’ll want to partner with a provider that communicates and shares data in a modern, easily accessible way. XXX

Health Care

Get injured workers back to work as quickly as possible, while also providing the valued benefit of faster health care services, by finding a provider that expedites these services. Expedited health care is beneficial to both your company’s bottom line and your staff; helping employees recover more quickly keeps your workers happier and healthier, and also improves productivity and reduces claims costs.

Benefits of outsourcing your disability management system

While there are many reasons that companies are outsourcing their disability management, two of the main reasons come down to expertise and administration.

As previously mentioned, the truth of the matter is that internal resources are often not equipped or specifically trained to handle disability claims, which are often quite complex – particularly the ones that relate to mental illness. This can make it difficult for in-house HR staff, who do not have the experience or resources to manage sensitive disability, to provide the support needed to get an employee back to work.

The other reason has to do with saving your company time – and therefore, money – by removing administrative burdens from your own staff. With a dedicated team of disability management experts, you can focus your internal resources on other initiatives to run and improve your business. The cost of an outsourced disability management program is nearly always less than what you would be paying for dedicated staff to handle things in-house.

Is outsourcing right for your company?

Most companies can benefit from outsourcing their disability management since it can result in an overall improvement in employee health and a reduction in lost time. Having a dedicated team of disability management experts behind you will allow your business to alleviate internal administration, while ensuring that your return to work program is being managed in the most efficient, successful manner. This means less work and more money!

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