Press Release: Meet the TeksMed Management Team!

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TeksMed has always been on the leading edge of disability management and now there is a new executive team at the helm to take the company to the next level – providing employers and individuals with innovative services to manage both work-related and non-work-related injuries and illnesses.

Following a company buyout in February, 2016, TeksMed Services is now led by President, Tony Culhane and chartered accountant Jeff Hunt. Together, they bring a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to the company.

Culhane and Hunt are both eager to ensure that the company will continue to provide the same world-class disability management service that its clients have come to expect – but clients should not be too surprised to see some exciting new developments as well in the months ahead.

Who is Tony Culhane?

Tony Culhane immigrated to Canada from England in 2007 bringing with him over 20 years of experience in the disability claims management industry.   A highly sought after expert, Culhane has been invited to give lectures on the topic throughout Europe and South Africa.

By 2012, Culhane was the President of TeksMed and was instrumental in developing a set of best practices for the firm. Culhane has not only brought a wealth of knowledge to the company, but his quest for continuous improvements has also led to some innovative offerings. “What sets us apart from other companies,” says Culhane, “is that we are offering services that are totally unique, such as our new expedited health care.”

Wait times for medical care and tests such as MRI’s can be lengthy – all the while, an individual’s condition may be worsening. With innovative new solutions such as expedited health care, TeksMed can help individuals gain access to needed care with a fraction of the time it would otherwise take. And this is just one of the exciting new developments that the company has in store for its clients!

Who is Jeff Hunt?

Jeff Hunt is a chartered accountant and 50/50 co-owner of TeksMed. As an expert in providing assurance along with taxation services to both private companies and not-for-profits, Hunt brings exceptional value to the TeksMed team. His financial background and extensive experience in financial reporting ensures the credibility and stability of the company going forward. “There is a great deal of trust and responsibility involved in operating a company like ours,” says Hunt. “Employers rely on us to support them in addressing financial and legal matters and ultimately save time and money.”

What’s next for TeksMed?

TeksMed has long been known as a provider of top quality disability management, and absence management for the workplace; but there is more that can be done.

TeksMed is a proudly 100% Canadian company that provides expert service in every province and territory. Best in class services include providing clients with full access to a team a paralegals and access to VIP healthcare for injured workers.

Under the leadership of President, Tony Culhane and partner Jeff Hunt, TeksMed will continue to grow and thrive as Canada’s leader in disability management.

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