Private Health Care – In Canada!

Let’s talk private health care – a familiar concept just south of the border, may be perceived as irrelevant here in Canada where publicly funded health care is a privilege and a standard. Yes, it’s true that we do not have to pay directly to see a doctor, schedule medical imaging or make an appointment with a specialist. However, the incredibly long wait times and rushed medical services have put a major dent in our public system’s reputation. Despite this, most Canadians are unsure or unaware of an alternative.

Private health care is uncharted territory for most Canadians; it is relatively uncommon, expensive and accessibility is sometimes a challenge. As a result, many individuals shy away from entertaining the option. Contrary to popular belief however, private health care is feasible and combats the apparent constraints within our public system. According to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, the average MRI wait time in Ontario for 9 out of 10 patients is 99 days while the wait time for an MRI in BC is the longest in the country (NEWS 1130).That is a very long time – and by the time you are seen, other medical problems may develop or conditions worsen.

Employers are starting to see the demonstrated benefits of perusing private health care options as a means to constructively care for the medical well-being of their employees and deal directly with employee absenteeism.

For argument’s sake, let’s say an employee, Jamie, gets injured. Jamie consults her family physician or a doctor at a walk-in clinic who tells her that she needs an MRI. The MRI reveals that Jamie requires an appointment with a specialist, who then deduces that she’ll need to undergo surgery in order to solve the problem caused by her injury.

Jamie’s story could unfold in one of two ways. Most commonly, an injury that requires several types of medical intervention and appointments is associated with months of wait time in the public health care system. The recovery process can be exhausting, causing emotional, physical and often financial strain. A year or more may pass before Jaime is physically fit to return to work on regular pre-injury duties.

If the private health care sector was accessible in this scenario, there would be likely very little wait time for Jamie’s MRI, specialist appointment or surgery. The medical services provided to her would be amongst the country’s best, allowing the problem to be resolved swiftly and painlessly – ultimately speeding up Jamie’s recovery and enabling an early and safe return to work.

In recognizing the benefits and efficiencies of private health care in Canada, we have made it our goal to curate a nation-wide network of world-class private clinics that in essence, help to combat the challenges that accompany accessibility, affordability and customization.

TeksMed wants you and your loved ones to be secure in your health, with access to the best health care services that our country has to offer; and therefore, we have been working on a plan catered towards individuals and families.

Connect with us today to discover how we can navigate you and your employees towards better health without exhausting your business or your budget.

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