Rethinking Benefits During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With vaccines finally starting to roll out across the country, it is the fervent hope of employers and employees alike that we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel where the coronavirus pandemic is concerned. Nevertheless, COVID-19 has forever changed the way that we do business, and it is time that employers rethink their company benefits.

The continued safety and well-being of employees must continue to be a top priority for employers, but the way employers are accomplishing that is changing in a number of ways.

Virtual health care

Since Canadians are still being urged to work from home where possible and avoid non-essential trips out of the house, it has become easier than ever to schedule medical appointments over the phone or via video conference.

This emerging trend should prompt employers to consider health benefits that allow workers to access virtual health care. This can ensure that employees continue to receive the care that they need in a safe manner.

Remote working and flexible hours

The pandemic has proven to employers that it is possible for many of their employees to work from home and that they can be just as, if not more, productive when they do. Furthermore, with flexible work hours, this allows employees to take care of children during school closures and/or sick relatives – something they otherwise would have had to book time off for.

The ability to work remotely and have flexible hours is likely to prove just as valuable after COVID-19 has ended, therefore employers should consider offering these options post-pandemic.

More emphasis on well-being

The pandemic has taken its toll on mental health across the country, and social isolation combined with the anxiety surrounding the pandemic itself has exacerbated many pre-existing conditions. Mental health is – and must continue to be – a cornerstone when promoting overall well-being.

Employers should consider including both services that relate to mental health as well as services that relate to overall health, such as promoting healthy living, fitness and good work posture.

Employee benefits beyond the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has had some severe negative consequences for employers as well as employees, but it has brought to light some positive outcomes as well – and this includes access to better health benefits.

By adopting these benefits not only during the pandemic, but after it as well, employers can better provide for the physical and mental health needs of their workforce.

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