The Importance of Taking Vacation Days from Work

With the holidays coming up, taking a little much needed and deserved vacation is on the minds of many workers. But did you know that many employees in North America never take their full amount of allotted vacation time each year? The reason? It varies from thinking management will see them as not as committed as their co-workers to being afraid that they will fall behind if they take time off.

Benefits Of Taking Vacation Time

But taking vacation time is important because it benefits both the employee who is taking it as well as their company.

Employees who take vacation time are healthier.

Let’s face it, work can be stressful and taking some time to relax in a different environment and forget about work for a while can help to relieve some of that stress. Since stress can be linked to all kinds of health problems from high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease and even cancer. So if you want your employees to take off less unscheduled sick time, encourage them to take more scheduled vacation time.

Employees who take vacation time are more productive when at work.

In economics, there is something called “the law of diminishing returns” which applies well to an employee’s work hours. An employee that doesn’t take his or her vacation time, will eventually start to feel burned out and their time at work will become less productive. When employees take vacation, they are recharging their minds and bodies and will be able to perform at a higher level when they return. This helps to drive profits within the company.

Employees who take their vacation time have greater job satisfaction.

Because they are less stressed and have more energy, employees who take their vacation time are generally happier at work. This results in lower turnover of the company and less money spent on training replacement workers when an employee decides to leave.

Since taking a vacation can help employees remain healthier, make them more productive and help to promote job satisfaction, it only makes sense that employers would want to do everything they can to encourage employees to take their vacation.

What Can Employers Do?

So, what can you do to ensure your employees take some time off this holiday season? Here are a few ideas:

Have A Vacation Policy

Have a vacation policy that communicates that the company values the vacation time of its employees and views vacation as important.


Consider a shutdown. If your company can afford it, consider a shut-down around the Christmas season so employees can spend more time with their families.

Forbid Vacation Shaming

Do not allow vacation shaming. Some managers and even co-workers may say things that make other employees feel guilty for taking their vacation. Even if these things are said in a joking manner, they can still deter some people from taking their vacation. Do not tolerate this kind of behavior.

Lead By Example

Lead by example. Employees will feel more comfortable taking their vacation time if they see their employer taking vacation time as well. In the same way, it is important for your employees to take their vacation time, it is just as important for you to take your vacation time.

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