The TeksMed Difference: A Case Study of Revolutionary Disability Management

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In the dynamic landscape of occupational health and safety, the difference between a conventional return-to-work program and a revolutionary one can significantly impact an organization’s operations and financial health. This article explores a real-life transformation story where TeksMed Services partnered with a national retailer to revamp their occupational disability management program, leading to remarkable improvements in process efficiency and employee recovery outcomes.

Challenge: An Inefficient Return-to-Work Program

In early 2021, a well-known national retailer found itself grappling with a series of challenges in its return-to-work program. The existing system was yielding unsatisfactory results, characterized by excessive lost time due to workplace incidents and escalating workers’ compensation premiums. Additionally, the absence of a structured return-to-work program led to considerable frustration among both employees and supervisors.

TeksMed’s Intervention: A Multi-Layered Approach

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, TeksMed stepped in to develop a sustainable return-to-work program tailored to the retailer’s specific needs. Our approach was multi-faceted:

  1. Digital Infrastructure: Implementation of a fully digital solution, including rapid mobile reporting, digital offers of modified duties, comprehensive medical forms, and an advanced online claims management system.
  2. Clear Processes: Development of bespoke programs that integrate seamlessly into the client’s operations, enhancing reliability and effectiveness.
  3. Best Practices: Leveraging 30 years of experience to ensure that the most favourable return-to-work outcomes are achieved, thus maximizing results.
  4. Proactive Response: Emphasizing early intervention to mitigate time loss and manage claims proactively before they escalate.
  5. Expedited Healthcare: Utilizing TeksMed’s exclusive network of healthcare providers to significantly reduce wait times for necessary medical appointments, ensuring quick and effective medical responses.

Transformative Results

The implementation of TeksMed’s revolutionary program yielded impressive results:

  • A 54% reduction in the average number of days missed on lost time claims.
  • A savings of $1.1 million in claims costs since the partnership’s inception.
  • A significant 38.6% decrease in the experience rating of the client’s largest account.
  • Marked reductions in administrative burdens for the client’s HR and HSE teams.
  • Enhanced productivity through the sustained employment of capable workers in safe conditions.
  • The establishment of a structured, reliable post-injury process replacing the previous chaotic system.

Client Satisfaction and Expansion

The initial success led the client to expand TeksMed’s services to their other operations, underscoring the trust and value they found in our partnership.

The case of the national retailer is a testament to how innovative tools and best practices in disability management can transform the way companies handle workplace injuries. TeksMed’s tailored approach not only streamlined the retailer’s operations but also had a profound impact on their bottom line.

Is your organization ready to transform its disability management practices? Contact TeksMed today to discover how our customized solutions can lead to better financial outcomes and a healthier, more productive workforce. Let us help you turn challenges into opportunities with our expert-driven approaches.

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