What Are Your Workplace Goals for the New Year? Here Are 5 Goals to Think About

After the holidays, employees often come back to work refreshed and re-energized. It is also when many companies set their budgets and targets for the year – so what better time than to set some “New Year’s Resolutions” for your workspace as well.

If you are committed to improving your company for both yourself and your employees, here are five goals to think about.

1. Improve the Physical Environment

How your office (or other workspaces) looks and feels can greatly impact your employees’ productivity and even their job satisfaction. Aesthetic improvements such as a fresh coat of paint on the walls or some inspiring artwork can bring some life into the space and positively impact mental health.

Some improvements can also help protect employee safety and physical health, such as improved lighting or more ergonomic office furniture.

2. Support Mental and Physical Wellness

Because many of your employees are likely making their own New Year’s goals – which often centre around physical and mental health – now is a great time to show your support for those goals by offering relevant programs or financial assistance.

For example, you might choose to initiate a “fitness fund” to subsidize employees’ gym memberships or other athletic activities. Or you may decide to offer a certain number of personal days each year so that employees may better look after their mental health.

By implementing these types of supports, not only can you improve the morale of your current employees, but it is also a great way to attract and retain talent.

3. Become More Active in the Community

Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer just a “nice to have” for many employers – it is becoming a “must-have.” As a result, many new grads and seasoned professionals alike, when they seek out a new position, look specifically for an employer that is making a difference in their community.

Consider what organizations or causes align with your corporate vision and determine what you might want to do to support those. Whether you do company-wide fundraising campaigns or offer volunteer days to your employees where they can spend a day out volunteering in the community instead of coming to the office, your employees will appreciate that the company cares about more than just profits.

4. Crystalize Performance Management

To help ensure your company meets its targets – and that your employees can achieve their own career goals – it is vital to have a solid performance management system in place. The system could include several features, such as regular check-ins to help ensure projects are on track, clear documentation to ensure everyone understands their role, and support to assist members of your team who may be having challenges on the job.

5. Encourage Professional Development

Offering and encouraging your employees to take advantage of professional development opportunities will help them grow and advance in their careers while also helping them contribute more to your company. And as a bonus, if your company has a reputation for offering excellent professional development opportunities, it may help you to attract top talent as well.

Professional development programs can be offered on hard skills specifically related to your business and transferable skills such as emotional intelligence, communication, and conflict resolution. If you’re unsure what kind of professional development opportunities to offer, consider conducting a workplace survey to see which areas your employees are most interested in.

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