What is QuikCare Platinum and How Can it Help My Business?

As Canadians, we are extremely fortunate to have government funded healthcare, but it is far from perfect. The system is overloaded and wait times to see specialists or get diagnostic testing can be extremely long. 

For example, if a patient needs an MRI, the wait can be more than two months. Imagine the damaging effect that this long wait can have – not only in terms of an untreated condition possibly becoming worse, but also the psychological effect on the patient and their family of not knowing what is wrong. 

And then there is the economic effect as the patient either misses work altogether, or their productivity goes down because they are feeling so worried about their condition. 

Did you know that in Canada at any given time, there are 900,000 people waiting to see a specialist or to have a diagnostic test? And the national economic cost of absenteeism and disability is an astounding $16.6B! 

Fortunately, there is a solution – introducing QuikCare Platinum. 

What is QuikCare Platinum? 

Simply put, QuikCare Platinum is an employee healthcare offering through TeksMed that gives you and your staff access to expedited healthcare services such as specialist appointments and diagnostic testing. This means that medical problems can be treated sooner which often reduces their severity and improves recovery time. An MRI that takes more than two months to get through the public health care system can be done in under a week through QuikCare Platinum! And the nine-week wait that would be typical for a specialist consultation, can be reduced to a one week wait with QuikCare Platinum. 

QuikCare Platinum reduces the wait times to under three weeks to see ten different types of specialists including orthopedic surgeons, cardiologists, neurologists, and rheumatologists. 

Why Should I Offer QuikCare Platinum to My Employees? 

There are many benefits to incorporating QuikCare Platinum into your business. For starters, if you want to attract the best employees, it is beneficial to offer the best benefits. Job candidates want to work for employers who will look out for their best interests now and in the future. And since there is a 75% greater recovery rate for those who are treated within 3 weeks of a medical symptom, offering QuikCare Platinum definitely shows that you have your employees’ interests in mind.

Also, QuikCare Platinum will help optimize your company’s bottom line. When a sick or injured employee has access to quicker treatment, it will lower their rate of absenteeism and aid in maximizing productivity.

Too often today, we hear about things that are either in the interests of the corporation or in the interests of the employees. QuikCare Platinum is truly in the interests of both. It is a win-win for you and your employees. 

If you are interested in learning more about QuikCare Platinum and how your business can participate, contact TeksMed today.