Why are ergonomics important for employee health?

The office is certainly not a new working environment, but it has become far more common to have a desk job and to work on a computer all day. Employees who work at a computer for extended periods of time may experience headaches, sore shoulders and issues with their wrists or elbows from their work environment. Recently, the idea of office ergonomics has become significantly more important in making sure employees are healthy and comfortable at work. Ensuring the environment you provide for your employees meets ergonomic requirements has numerous benefits for everyone, and here’s what you can expect to see.

Reduce work related injuries and absenteeism

Working with incorrect posture or in an awkward position may not seem like a big deal at first, but over time it can lead to lower back problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines and a host of other issues that could keep your employees out of the office. Investing in proper ergonomic equipment can help prevent these injures from occurring in the first place.

Increase productivity

With the correct ergonomic setup, most workplaces will experience an increase in productivity. When you design a workstation that allows for proper posture and less physical exertion, you can increase productivity by up to 25%.

Get better quality work

While productivity is important and getting more work done will benefit your business, you also need to ensure that your employees produce high-quality work. When a job is too physically taxing on an employee, their quality of work may suffer, and they may not perform their job as they were trained to do. Making sure employees have a work environment that is conducive to good overall health will likely have a noticeable impact on the quality of work they produce.

Become engaged

If employees are sore and uncomfortable while performing their tasks, they’re not going to be happy about going into work, which means they will be less likely to engage with other employees and make those connections within the workplace. A properly designed ergonomic environment can lead to more employee involvement in committees and social events, less absenteeism, and it can even reduce the turnover rate experienced in the company.

Create a culture of safety

If employees see that the company they work for is dedicated to creating a culture of comfort and ensuring workstations and employee equipment meets ergonomic requirements, they will feel that the company supports them. Feeling safe at work can also lead to employees putting in a little extra effort to ensure their areas stay safe and meet company requirements and standards.

Implementing the changes to make your office or work environment ergonomic may be expensive at first – you will likely have to invest in some new equipment or upgrade what you have now – but it will benefit your company long term. With happier employees who have fewer injuries from repetitive movements or workstations that are friendlier to their posture, you will have a safer overall work environment with employees who are more actively engaged in their work.

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As an employer, you do your best to prevent work-related injuries by ensuring your employees have a safe and comfortable work environment. But when injuries do occur, you may need some assistance in giving your employees the support they need. For help with disability management or return to work programs, contact TeksMed today to arrange a consultation.

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